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Unisex Solid Cologne / Fragrance Balm - .5 oz


Unisex and easy to tote around if you feel the need to reapply. Such a versatile fragrance balm that can be used on dry cuticles as well without drying the skin. Available in Dream Man - A specially blended scent that's been stated as comparable to Burberry for Men & Pink Sugar that is comparable to the Aqualina Pink Sugar designer line, but both are equally clean and pure enough to be worn by either male or female.

Directions: Rub wax with finger and place on pulse points, apply as needed. This can also be used as a cuticle moisturizer and/or a beard balm.

This cologne is free of petroleum.
Strong Fragrance

Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Meadowfoam seed oil, White Bees Wax, Fragrance, &/or Essential Oils.

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