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Mini White Sage Cutie Wand


Perfect for traveling, quick cleanse, or new to smudging. California White Sage is one of the most sacred herbs among indigenous North American people. Used in ritual, ceremonies or just for cleansing. Size: 2-3"

White sage (Salvia apiana), also known as sacred sage, is an evergreen perennial native to the Southwestern United States. This potent herb has been used for centuries by Native Americans in rituals of cleansing and healing. Many people continue this tradition today by holding their own sage smudging ceremonies.

Burning Instructions:
- Hold the California White Sage over an open flame, tilting the end down at a 45-degree angle. Once lit, let the wood burn visibly for approximately 20 seconds, relighting as necessary.
- Blow out the Sage stick and allow it to smolder. If the Sage is difficult to light we recommend untying the string and unraveling it a little bit. Sometimes the sage bundle is tight and doesn't leave much room for oxygen to ignite the flame.

*Please keep unused sage in a dry place. Excessive humidity and other wetness will require that your sage is dried out before use.

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