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Klever Kits Unicorn Assorted Craft with Slime & Accessory


Ages 3+

Transform string and pins into works of art. Unicorn designs look complex but are easy to complete with clear, detailed directions. Kids just push pins right into the pre-patterned foam bases and string away. Once they have finished, the artwork can be easily hung up to show off to friends and family. Cute unicorn headbands, unicorn pendants can also be used for party decorations. This String Art Kit is perfect for boy and girl explorers!
Everything needed to create a string art set is included, no need to shop for any supplies or special tools. This set provides pushpins, instead of nails that need to be hammered in, that makes it great for beginners.
This fun craft kit is perfect for rainy days, craft parties, and unique gifts, and will keep children of all ages busy for hours on end. Take this opportunity as a wonderful bonding experience and make these cute animals together with your kids.
This Unicorn String Art Kits includes 1 unicorn String art Board, 1 Rainbow Unicorn Horn, 1 Unicorn Headband, 1 Pouch Confetti, 3 Mini Charms, 3 Tubs of Glitter Slime, 3 Silk Flowers, 6 Floss, 9 Knots of Yarm & String, 35 Punched Felt Pieces Create Your Own Cup over, Horse, Coin Purse, Fairy wand and detailed instructions. This set has over 75 pieces, which is an exceptional way to stimulate creativity in children, tweens, and young teens.

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