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35" Pet Mat Sprinkler Splasher


Pet Mat Sprinkler Splasher

Beat the heat and provide endless fun for your furry friends with our 35" Pet Mat Sprinkler Splasher. This innovative and refreshing pet accessory combines a sprinkler and mat, creating a cooling oasis for your pets to enjoy during hot summer days. The Pet Mat Sprinkler Splasher features built-in sprinklers that spray a gentle and refreshing mist of water, providing a cooling effect for your pets. The mat is durable, ensuring a safe and comfortable surface for your pets to play, lounge, or cool off. Getting started is a breeze. Simply connect the Pet Mat Sprinkler Splasher to a standard garden hose, and watch as the water starts to flow through the built-in sprinklers. Adjust the water pressure to control the height and intensity of the water sprays, customizing the experience to suit your pet's preferences. The mat's compact size and lightweight design make it portable and easy to move around, allowing you to set it up in various outdoor spaces. Cool down your pets this summer with this must-have interactive pet water toy.

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