Women's Versace Bright Crystal Deodorant Spray - 1.7 oz


Women who enjoy uncommon scents are sure to love Versace Bright Crystal, a deodorant spray designed to keep you smelling great during long days at the office followed by busy evenings.

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The composition of the Versace Bright Crystal begins with the top notes of freshly ripe pomegranate, Yuzu, with a hint of chilled frost. For the heart of this perfume, the middle notes evoke the lushness of lotus in full bloom, and sweet magnolias in the summer heat, and just breathtaking peony. With the grand finale and base notes, you will find Bright Crystal perfume teasing you with an embrace of warmth. The bottom notes create precious layers of acajou woodiness, a glimpse of deep amber, and an almost divinely ethereal musk trail delicately behind you.

*** This product is the original, authentic name brand and NOT a knockoff or imitation.

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