Tuggo Teeny Tiny (4 Inch) Water Weight Exercise Dog Toy With Rope - Colors Vary


Dog Toy With Rope

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Virtually indestructible: Stop throwing away money on toys that get chewed to
pieces in no time. Tuggo even stands up to lions and tigers. We haven’t tried bears yet.
Tug-of-war action: Rope can be pulled from either end – great for owners who want to play with their dogs, or for two dogs to play together.
Water resistance feels good: Even when your dog plays alone, the water weight provides a sensation very similar playing tug-of-war with another dog or person.
Customizable weight: Add up to 1.5 pounds of resistance using water, sand or gravel. Weight can vary depending on how much sand/water you want to add to it. Some customers have used pea gravel or a marble to make a different sound to engage the dogs.
Leak-proof: The recessed screw cap seals tightly and securely. No tools required.
Adjustable rope: Tying the rope in different lengths allows Tuggo to be dragged, pulled or carried. You can also change to a different style of rope to suit your dog’s needs.
Tuggo floats: Empty the water out of TUGGO™ to provide your dog a great retrieving toy at the pool or beach.
Take it anywhere: your empty Tuggo is easy to throw in a car or backpack.

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