Solid Colored Highlight Clip-On Hair Extension


Add some zing to your tresses this spring with vibrant colored clip-on hair extensions and let your inner spirit show through! Less invasive than chemical coloring or temporary hair dyes or chalks that may stain your hair, clip-on extensions are the easiest and most versatile way to go. They can be changed out or re-positioned to fit your mood or style on any given day or even multiple times a day! Order by color.

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Available in colors shown. Purple, Fuchsia, Pink and Blue. Order by color.

Length: 19.6 Inches.

Equipped with a pop snap comb for easy in and out.

Use & Care:
- These are synthetic hair extensions. DO NOT SUBJECT TO HEAT (No heat hair dryers or irons of any kind)
- Can be cut to fit your length to go with your hairstyle.
- Can be gently shampooed and air dried if needed.
- Only comb with a wide tooth comb when dry.

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