Selenite & Black Tourmaline Gemstone Wall Hanging - 12"


This Beautiful wall hanging is 12" long and is made up of selenite and black tourmaline crystal gemstones. Hang in your space to cleanse negative energies and raise vibrations. Hang by your altar, in your meditation space, on your car mirror or anywhere you desire.

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Selenite -- a crystallized form of Gypsum -- is used for good luck and protection of the house and is considered to be one of the must-have crystals in the house. Cleanses your space.

Black Tourmaline--The stone is known to protect people from negative energies of unwanted people entering your house. It is known to create a psychic shield deflecting and dispelling all the unwanted negative energies, entities, or destructive forces entering your premises.

Approximately 12 inches long, black cotton thread.

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