Rubbermaid 6pc Freshworks Food Preservation Containers


FreshWorks helps produce maintain its freshness longer so you can enjoy just-picked taste for weeks. FreshWorks provides the best results with unwashed, uncut produce-so take it out of the grocery bag and pop it into your FreshWorks containers right away; you can worry about the washing and prepping later. Using FreshWorks helps prevent spoiled and wasted produce, which means more food, more savings, and fewer trips to the grocery store.

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Save money, food, and trips to the grocery stores
FreshWorks works best before you wash produce, so you can store now and prep later
CrispTray helps keep moisture away from produce to reduce spoilage
FreshVent technology regulates flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide for the ideal produce environment; Vent filter never needs to be replaced
Completely dishwasher safe
BPA free

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