JacMart Optima OM-32/33 Dual ROM Knee Support Brace



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Wrap around design allows for exact fit & comfort
Provides for mild to moderate medical and lateral support in addition to the support offered by strapping
Polycentric hinge provides flexion /extension
Easily accessible hing for quick and easy adjustments
Shorter knee brace design is less bulky and therefore more patient-friendly
The Complete Wrap Brace provides stability and support for chronic knee pain and instability. Effective in treating mild injuries of the collateral ligaments, menisci, and patellar retinaculum.
The dual hinges can be adjusted and fixed from 0 to 90 degrees extension and 0 to 60 degrees flexion. The gel pad contours firmly to the patella, creating a massaging effect and avoiding displacement. The adjustable strap (contains latex) makes for a comfortable fit.
The Knee brace is meant for patients who can load weight on the injured knee and is capable of some ambulation. It’s most often used following knee surgery. Indications: rheumatoid arthritis, post-surgical procedures, knee ligamentous disruption, meniscal cartilage derangement, rupture of tendon (nontraumatic quad tendon), chondromalacia of the patella, pathologic femur fracture, pathologic tibia or fibula fracture, tibia or fibula stress fracture, dislocation of knee, congenital deformity of knee, knee strains or sprains, failed total knee arthroplasty. Features: Portable, convenient, comfortable Non-allergenic, breathable, lightweight material Adjustable ROM hinge for support and control Hinge allows for dynamic or static setting using easy to read indexed hinge Polycentric adjustable design to control flexion and extension. 12″ Length

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