Synthetic Straight Non-Coarse Hair Curtain Extension - 2 Lengths Available


Add length or volume to your look with a hair extension curtain. Just slide the secured end binding and pin in place after finding the right positioning. Can be layered throughout to create an even or fuller style. Also beneficial for anyone who experiences sporadic or partial hair loss and would like an inexpensive solution. You will receive one piece per order.

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Length: 20 Inches or 24 Inches

Color: Black

Texture: Texture is finer, not coarse. Very smooth and shiny in appearance.

Use & Care:
- These are synthetic hair extensions. DO NOT SUBJECT TO HEAT (Do not apply heat hair dryers or irons of any kind)
- Can be cut to custom fit in length and/or width.
- Can be gently shampooed and air dried if needed.
- Only comb with a wide tooth comb when dry.

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