Colonial Candle The Squeeze the Day Collection 10 Oz Candle - Ruby Pomelo


Ruby Pomelo

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The Squeeze the Day Collection by Colonial Candle brings bursts of juicy citrus with playful patterns in seltzer inspired jars. Packed with your favorite fruit drink flavors, Squeeze the Day will quench your thirst!
Immerse your senses into the warmer days with Ruby Pomelo. Poured into a 10-ounce tall jar, topped with a fun dustcover this candle can fit into any size or style space! This candle is wrapped in a vibrant, ingredient focused shrinkwrap label that can add some fun patterns to your spring and summer decor. Not to mention, the powerful fragrance will last you all summer long! Enjoy a cold refreshment on a hot summers day with Squeeze The Day Collection!
Crack open a fizzy fruit beverage with every light of the wick of Ruby Pomelo. The sweet sensations of sparkling orange and juicy grapefruit infiltrate the air while mint leaf and eucalyptus follow closely behind to offer a calm feeling. To top off the sparking experience, clove and moss merge to add a subtle kick. With a slim shaped jar, inspired by a seltzer can, these candles can fit into any décor style. The bold and bright labels add fun patterns into your space this summer season. The fruity and fizzy fragrances allow you to enjoy your favorite spiked seltzer flavors any time of day.
FRUITY | Take a bite of your favorite citrus fruit with Ruby Pomelo. Notes of sparkling orange and juicy grapefruit infiltrate the air as the wick burns. Refreshing mint and eucalyptus blend into clove and moss creating the perfect fragrance balance.
Sparkling orange and juicy grapefruit notes take over the air when Ruby Pomelo is around. Mint leaves and clove follow closely behind the fruits to add a cooling finish to refreshing scent!
FRAGRANCE | T: Sparkling Orange, Juicy Grapefruit, Coastal Lime M: Wild Eucalyptus, Lavender Petals, Mint Leaf B: Cedarwood, Driftwood, Clove, Moss
BURN | Featuring one premium cotton wick, this soy blend candle boasts a premium fragrance load for a powerful experience.
CAREFULLY CRAFTED | This 10 ounce candle is proudly poured in the USA. Our history of USA manufacturing guarantees a premium quality product.

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