Colonial Candle 2.75oz Wax Melts - Winter Woods


Winter Woods

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Rich Winter Woods inspired by the holiday season and crisp winter air. Blending black pine and herbs like thyme and rosemary for a fresh walk in the winter forest. Featuring our premium fragrance load for a superior fragrance experience.
Winter Woods is a holiday classic!
WOODS | Winter Woods has the crisp, fresh scent of pine trees, covered in the season’s first snowfall.
CRISP | Instantly recongnizable, winter woods is rooted in black pine, cedar, and birchwood, softened with bright winter berries.
FRAGRANCE | Top: Winter Berries, Rosemary, Spice Middle: Thyme Blossom, Hyacinth Bottom: Black Pine, Birchwood, Sugared Cedar, Smooth Musk
MELT | Featuring our premium wax blended with fine fragrance to produce a superior aroma.

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