Chefmaster 12" Grill Dome Cover Stainless Steel with Wire Handle


The Chefmaster 12-inch Grill Dome Cover is a dynamically affordable grilling accessory that sharpens culinary skills by helping you prepare incredibly sumptuous entrées fast while reducing messy flare-ups! Melts Cheese Cooks Burgers Faster and Prevents Splatter.

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RELIABLE CUTTING-EDGE ENGINEERING: Manufactured with a durable stainless-steel construction and a sleek handle riveted firmly in place, this rugged grilling dome features a vault-like arch design that measures 9" x 9"" x 5"" and weighs a solid 15.8 ounces."

POWERFUL HEAT RETENTION & SPLATTER REDUCTION: Delivering rapid flare-up free grilling, Chefmaster’s 9" Grill Dome Cover produces a dynamic cooking sphere that retains heat and cooks incredibly juicy meals from all sides faster than larger ovens and BBQs."

FAST-EASY CLEANING: Perfect for indoor and outdoor use all-year round, our affordable grill dome cover is aluminum-free, scratch-resistant and dishwasher safe—providing years of increasingly dependable use and succulent culinary nourishment.

INNOVATIVE COOKING EQUIPMENT: Chefmaster designs affordable grilling domes and robust basting covers that generate efficient cooking environments which create mouthwatering meals every time you fire up the grill!

For Indoor or Outdoor Use.

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