3 in 1 Dinosaurs Transport Truck – Transforms into Robot


3 in 1 Dinosaurs Transport Truck

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Dinosaur Playset, dinosaur transport truck and robot toys are the most popular toys for children. This dinosaur Toys is a three in one robot car dinosaur toy, a large truck variable robot and 12 different kinds of dinosaur figures. The exclusive perfect design can create a realistic dinosaur world belonging to children. It is an exciting toy gift for 3.4.5+ boys’ girls.
[Educational Stem Learning Toys] Realistic dinosaur Figure bring children into the Jurassic world dinosaur and keep your children away from electronic products. This is a good educational toy to stimulate your children’s imagination and hone their exploration skills. Toy accessories are assembled by children themselves, which can improve their stem skills. Together with friends and family to create a realistic Jurassic dinosaur park, which is the best kids’ toys gift for dinosaur lovers.
Inside : A large truck variable robot, 12 different kinds of dinosaurs, sticker x1, tool handle X1 (tool head x3), tree x4, light gray rock x1, dark gray rock x1, dinosaur fossil x1, dinosaur egg nest x1, fence x15, trunk x1, carpet x1, volcanic scene x1, After the game, all accessories can be stored in the compartment storage box. Robot mode size: 13.8*10.5*7.3in; park mode size: 13.8*9.9*8.3in.

1. Exclusive Cartoon co-branding dinosaur toy set: buying a toy is equivalent to owning a transport truck toy, a robot toy, and building a realistic dinosaur world. It is a changeable and multi-form creative toy.
2. We combine a variety of game elements to bring more fun experience to your child.
3. Immerse your child in simulation games, stay away from electronic devices, stimulate your child’s imagination, improve stem skills and hone exploration skills.
4. The combination of games and toys, learning and growing in games, is the best gift for children to dinosaur lovers.
5. The smooth edge design prevents children’s hand injury.

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