11 Oz Colonial Candle Soy Blend Cylinder Jar Candle - Cucumber Melon


Cucumber Melon

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The delightful aroma of bright Cucumber Melon has been a staple in the Colonial Candle line up. Poured into a tall cylinder jar adorned with a shiny Colonial embossed lid, this candle makes a subtle, sleek statement. A paper label with a nod to this fragrance's roots, the Oval, is the perfect finishing touch. The Heritage Collection honors the legacy of Colonial fragrance by bringing original formulations back. Stock up on your favorite fragrances before they go back into the Colonial vault!
Awaken your senses with the intriguing aroma of Cucumber Melon. The sweet mélange of orange zest, sparkling grapefruit and watery summer greens captivates your home. The decadent splash of crisp cucumber and honeydew brings a cooling sensation that is wrapped in sheer woods for a warm finish. The Heritage Collection celebrates your favorite fragrances from the Colonial Candle archives. The fragrances have remained the same while the look of the candle has been modernized. The sleek jar with a shiny silver lid adds a touch of elegance to your home. Not to mention, the geometric twist made to the label. The Heritage Collection remains true to its core with some added flare!
REFRESH | Exhilarate your senses with Cucumber Melon. Notes of citrus zest and crisp cucumber are paired with sheer woods to add a warm finish to the revitalizing scent.
Just like a cold refreshing drink on a hot summers day, Cucumber Melon will cool all of your senses.
FRAGRANCE | T: Orange Zest, Sparkling Grapefruit, Watery Greens M: Crisp Cucumber, Honeydew Melon, Cantaloupe B: Sheer Woods, Musk
BURN | Featuring two premium cotton wicks, this soy blend candle boasts a premium fragrance load for a powerful experience.
CAREFULLY CRAFTED | This 11 ounce candle is proudly poured in the USA. Our history of USA manufacturing guarantees a premium quality product.

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